5 Reasons to use a Media Wall for Offices, Shops or Events

5 Reasons to use a Media Wall for Offices, Shops or Events

It is always advisable to look for new ways in which you can improve your business. A very important aspect to be considered is to impress your customers. This can only be achieved if the customers are provided adequate awareness about your business and their comfort is kept at the top of the priority list by you.

One great way to impress your customers is the use of media walls in your offices or at important events. This can be very beneficial for the growth of your business. AV Installations can advise on the installation and costs of media walls for you site or event.


Nobody wants their business to pass unnoticed, it is rather the desire of business managers that the organization is recognised and respected everywhere. This can be effectively carried out using media walls at your office and workplace or at events. Providing information about your business, your history, the services you provide, and many other aspects will always result in capturing the interest of customers, and bring you more and more of them in the future.


You can always use media walls for promotional purpose. It becomes quite easy to promote new product or services when you have such a facility installed at your workplace. Listing down the main features, making short but interesting clips about the services, and keeping the customers engaged, are the big advantages you can get out of this. When people visit your office, they will definitely get interested if they find out about your services in such an innovative and different manner.

Get Sponsorships

Media walls are not only for your business. You can run small advertisements of various sponsors from time to time. This on one hand will give your customers a different experience, and on the other hand it will also be beneficial to you monetarily. As your business progresses, you will get new sponsors and more money. A case in point would be shops where brand owners can sponsor the media wall for a period of time.

Customer Feedback

The thing which affects the mind of customers the most is when they hear reviews from their peers. Recording short reviews from various customers and displaying them on the media wall will give your customers more confidence and they will start trusting your company at a much higher level. Also, this will help you attract more customers as they will realize that their feedback is valued and their words are being spread to everyone.

Help in Meetings or Conferences

Explaining your ideas in meetings sometimes becomes quite complicated. Getting your words across everyone’s mind and in a limited time, is quite effectively achieved using media walls. These can help in explaining the ideas in a sequential manner and help in keeping all the participants on the same page as the meetings progress. The communication barriers which might be faced in some conservative presentation techniques are beautifully overcome using this technology.

Looking for new technologies to benefit your business and make it progress in a lesser time period is always a healthy practice. Getting your office equipped with media walls installed by AV Installations can earn you long term benefits. We operate in London and surrounding areas.