Safety and Security through Audio Visual Equipment

Safety and Security through Audio Visual Equipment

An important need for every employer is to ensure safety and security at the workplace. We all know for a fact that threats and calamities are inevitable, no matter where we are or what we are doing. For the work to be carried out smoothly, and both the staff and customers to stay safe, security procedures at workplace are very important. Following certain standard procedures and taking care of a few things can make your workplace safe and secure.

Duty of Care to Employees

All the employers are obliged to take care of their employees. The health of employees – both physical and mental – and their wellbeing is to be the prime concern of any employer. One of the key factors here is the workplace security, which ensures that employees are safe and that all the possible measures are taken at the right times to keep them from harm. This is what the staff expects from their employers. Also, this shows the employees that they are being valued and thus you can earn their loyalty as a by-product.

CCTV Cameras

Installation of CCTV cameras at workplace is quite beneficial. It helps you in being safe from threats like thefts and robberies. Also the CCTV cameras allow you to keep an eye on the security and safety measures, making sure that the standard procedures are being followed. They can prevent misconduct at the work place and also helps you handle problems that do occur.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems allow you to manage the entry of visitors without manning a reception desk full time only dealing with visitors when you need to. When used along with CCTV cameras, intercom systems work very efficiently and ensure that you have complete command on who is entering your workplace. This keeps your workplace a safe place and protects you from thefts and other such problems.

Car Park Safety

Create parking space that is safe and secure by providing good lighting and even CCTV cameras. In doing so, you will also be fulfilling your duty of care to the employees. This demonstrates the value that you place on their services.

Lighting at Workplace

Lighting at a workplace is very important, especially where important or dangerous equipment is present. It is always advisable to make the maximum possible usage of natural light, and then make the artificial lighting arrangement so as at every instant there is no major lighting failure, especially at critical locations on the workplace. Lighting is to be managed carefully as excessive usage of artificial lights can cause the effects like glare which are both irritating and uncomfortable. Lighting is a critical factor to ensure the safety at workplace and it should never be neglected.

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