Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems

Strengthen the access control of your smart home, company or organisation with professional intercom systems. An intercom system allows you to communicate easily with people in and around your premises, giving you peace of mind that the building and surrounding area is secure. Whether you’re looking for a traditional alarm system or wireless intercom system, we provide AV security systems for all needs and budgets.

With security being such an important issue for both businesses and home security, make sure you choose the right people to supply and fit your intercom system. With 30 years of AV industry experience, AV Installations are the best people to advise you on which intercom technology is best for your needs. 

We supply and install intercom systems to businesses across London and the surrounding area. From the initial site survey right through to the completion of the installation, our AV Installers will provide you with the best advice and professional support – we’re a choice you can rely on.

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Get in touch with us on: 0800 999 5577 to find out how we can help. One of our experts will get back with you shortly with our bespoke recommendation.

Our Intercom Systems

Make security your top priority with an intercom or video entry system that keeps you in the know at all times. There is a wide range of different intercom alarm systems and door entry systems to suit every budget – some operate from handsets with a keypad or call button and some have additional security features such as electric locks or fob access. 

To ensure we’re not limiting your options, we’re in contact with a wide range of different intercom brands to give you as much choice as possible. We’re always happy to provide professional advice on which AV brands and type of door intercom system will work best for your needs and budget, simply get in contact for our professional advice.

Some of the types of intercom system available to you include:

Door Phone

A door phone or intercom doorbell is a two-way communication system used for giving entry to a building, great for increasing access control.

Wireless Door Intercom Systems

These door intercom systems allow you to communicate handsfree. Suitable for homes and businesses, they come at a range of prices and with different features depending on the brand.

Video Intercom System

Video intercom systems operate by a camera and call button at your front door, allowing you to identify the person via video or CCTV camera. Video intercom kits vary in types and technology; some have outdoor cameras with night vision and some can be operated by smartphone from the comfort of your home.

Installation & Maintenance

We provide full installation service for your intercom equipment where we will provide a bespoke setup that works for your needs. After installation, full training of the intercom equipment will be given to you and all users to ensure you can all operate it easily and without problems.

As well as professional installation, we also offer two different equipment maintenance packages: a one-off health check and a comprehensive maintenance package, where we will always be on hand to deal with any issues or problems you may have with the equipment. Both of our maintenance packages are designed to identify and fix small issues with your equipment before they can develop into a more serious and costly issue. 

Get More Information

Our friendly and professional team are great at making AV systems accessible to those who aren’t familiar with them. If you’d like advice on choosing a door intercom system then don’t hesitate to get in contact. For more information, call AV Installations on 01279 445577 to discuss your Intercom requirements today.

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