Projector Screen

Projector Screen

Cinematic and Immersive Visuals

Improve the communications system in your workplace or create an incredible home cinema with an AV system. A high-quality projector screen takes an AV system to the next level, whether it’s for a home cinema, meeting room or board room, display amazing, immersive visuals guaranteed to impress client, colleagues and family members alike. 

At AV Installations, we have a wide range of projector screens available for purchase or hire. Each projector screen comes with unique features and controls so you can customise your AV setup in a way that’s most convenient for you. 

We don’t just sell AV equipment, but also provide professional advice, installation and maintenance services. Every AV set up is unique, and we’re here to create a bespoke system that will tick every box, whether that’s setting up screens for a big event or an AV system for classrooms in a school. With our help, you can modernise your workplace, school or home, and bring people together with amazing technology.


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Get in touch with us on: 0800 999 5577 to find out how we can help. One of our experts will get back with you shortly with our bespoke recommendation.


Our Projection Screens

Projector screens come in all different screen sizes, screen materials and styles, some manual or operated by remote control. All our video walls are available for both purchase and for hire. 

To ensure we can offer a recommendation that best matches your needs and budget, we have connections with a range of different manufacturers including the likes of Optoma and Epson. This means we are not limited to one We can offer advice on every aspect of your projector screen from which size, screen surface and aspect ratio will work best for your requirements.

A few styles of projector screen available to you include:

Pull-Down Projector Screen

These manual screens are great for keeping a neat and tidy space when your AV system is not in use, as they pull up out of sight. They are ceiling mountable, operate via a manual pull system and are usually available in a variety of sizes including widescreen.

 Tab Tensioned Projector Screen

These fixed frame projector screens are permanently fixed, wall-mounted screens that have a taut, flat projection screen. The frame screen usually has a black border, to help the matte white surface stand out and improve the picture clarity.

Electric Projector Screen

These motorised electric screens are operated by an electric motor that raises and lowers the screen via remote control. These screens are usually either wall or ceiling mountable and are available for a range of prices.

Tripod Projector Screen

A tripod projection screen is a freestanding, portable projector screen that is height adjustable and easy to setup. These portable screens are available in a range of sizes and are a more affordable screen solution. 

Installation, Maintenance & Advice

At AV Installations, we don’t just supply equipment, we also help create a bespoke setup for your equipment to maximise the performance of your new system. Before installation, our engineers will perform a site survey and use this evaluation to inform the setup they create for you. Our engineers will create a tidy and easily operable AV system that makes life easier for you.

Regular equipment maintenance allows us to identify and fix smaller system issues before they can develop into a bigger and more costly issue. For this reason, we offer two different packages for system maintenance: our one-off equipment health check and our long-term comprehensive maintenance package. For more information about our maintenance services, contact us today on 01279 445577.

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With so many types of projector screen and video wall to choose from, making a decision can be difficult. If you need assistance finding the right video wall, our friendly team of AV specialists are always happy to help. 

For more information about our projector screens and other AV services, simply get in touch via phone: 01279 445577 or the contact form.

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