Business Projectors

Business Projectors

What is a Projector?

Projectors have been used as the latest device in various sectors of the society. One of the two major sectors that can benefit from projection system technology is the entertainment and commercial sector. These devices are often called two-piece projection and front projectors. Typically they can be used with a separate screen that is either hung from a ceiling or mounted on the wall. Alternatively many projectors are now available as short throw or ultra-short throw where the projector arm is attached to the screen. This is also common with interactive whiteboards.


Just like other technological devices, projectors vary depending on their types and designs. Whether you opt to have 3D, HD, DLP, LCD or LCoS type, it can be difficult to distinguish which projector is right for you. These different types differ on overall brightness, images, screen display, costs and other aspects. Some types are best for offices, while others are ideal at home or school. Before you pick any projection system, always ensure that you are getting the correct projector to meet your needs. All our AV installers are experts and will be able help you choose the best projector from your specification.

Why are projectors used?

Projectors in business are proven valuable tools and are used in a wide range of applications, from presenting marketing proposals, training new employees or discussing year-end reports. Thus, buying a quality projector is a good idea. Apart from businesses, a projection system is also used in cinemas, schools and other corporate events.


Projection system are best used to create a large screen viewing experience. LCD projectors can be hooked up to computers to make colourful multimedia presentations. Every detail in your computer can be projected onto a wide screen or wall. It also allows teachers to reach their students with different approaches. Students enjoy hearing, seeing and interacting with technology rather than reading books or listening to lectures. This is the reason why most universities are using this projector in their lessons.

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