Smartboards & Interactive Whiteboards

Smartboards & Interactive Whiteboards

What are Smartboards or interactive whiteboards?

Whiteboards are changing the game for educators and business trainers and presenters. These exciting technological innovations are a wonder in terms of their capabilities. Essentially allow the user to use a variety of materials from different media sources (computer, cd, video, hand writing) in an entirely fluid and interactive manner.

Why are whiteboards interactive?

Whiteboards are interactive because the user can for example display and image and then write over the top of it during a presentation. The entire scenario can be saved as document for later use or for example printing.

Interactive Smartboards also allow updating and editing of materials on the fly so gone are the days of repeatedly coming across the same error in a presentation because you forgot to go and correct the original files after a presentation.

SMART interactive whiteboards make fantastic training tools as a computer screen or website can used and demonstrated to a whole classroom or group in a way that is at once collaborative and engaging.

SMART board  interactive whiteboards bring sound and movement into classrooms, boardroom presentations and training courses making information and education more interesting and consequently more effective.

SMART boards prices are relatively low for the immense benefits that they bring to the user and achievement of an organisation’s objectives. Ranging from £499 up to many £’000s a smart interactive whiteboard solution can be found to suit most budgets and usage scenarios.

Typical features to look for when buying an interactive whiteboard / smartboard:

  • Projector Types – Depending on the space requirements do you need an integrated projector (extreme short or short throw) or an externally mounted one?
  • Audio – Does it come with built in speakers?
  • Wireless – If you are using it for boardroom or conferencing purposes, do you need it to have wireless connectivity?
  • Screen Shade – This allows you to cover the screen so you can gradually reveal information to your audiences.
  • Spotlight – You can use this tool to draw your audience’s attention to particular areas of the screen

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There are several different models of Interactive or Smart whiteboards, a brief description of some of the models available are below:


ActivBoard 100 – This is Promethean’s entry level interactive whiteboard and comes with their Personal Edition software and a 1 year guarantee. Available in one size 78″ this interactive whiteboard can only be fixed to a wall. Whilst not being natively wireless upgrade packs are available.

ActivBoard 300 Pro – The 300 Pro is the mid-range board from Promethean, available in three different sizes 78″, 87″ and 95″ this interactive whiteboard can be used as a mobile board, installed to an adjustable wall mount or fixed to a flat wall. Supplied with Promethean’s ActivOffice or ActivInspire Professional Addition and a 3 year guarantee, it also enables interactivity from duel users and has built in speaker systems.

ActivBoard 500 Pro – At the top end of Promethean’s Interactive Whiteboard range is the ActivBoard 500 Pro. Supporting multi-touch gestures and up to four users working collaboratively on the same tasks it unlocks a whole new range of interactive teaching and presenting opportunities.


400 Series – This entry-level SMART Board interactive whiteboard system offers a cost effective interactive whiteboard system. Similar to the Promethean ActivBoard 100 these models come in one size 77″ and depending on the model can include a Short Throw projector.

600 Series – This series offers a much larger range of choices in size with models ranging from 48″ up to 94″. It also offers a more intuitive user experience with one touch access to critical functions. Available with either Short Throw or Ultra Short Throw integrated projectors there is something for every budget within this range.

800 Series – The latest update from SMART this system integrates multi-touch gestures and intuitive object awareness that allows the user to switch between writing, moving objects, erasing etc seamlessly without the need to select different functions. Available in two sizes with different projector options this top of the range interactive whiteboard from SMART can help provide a much deeper interactive learning environment.



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