Updating and maintaining AV systems in schools

Updating and maintaining AV systems in schools

Not so long ago, teachers used to stand at the front of a room with a piece of chalk in their hand and deliver a lesson in the same way that they had delivered lessons year after year.

If pupils were very lucky (and very well behaved!) it was possible that around Christmas time, a television complete with video player would be wheeled into the classroom and a grainy film with often poor audio would be shown. Then something happened. Almost overnight education was revolutionised by audio visual (AV) equipment. Interactive whiteboards were installed in classrooms with excellent speakers and internet access. Suddenly, teachers and pupils were able to learn in the most engaging, interactive and creative ways.

The technology behind interactive whiteboards allows people to use them as a static wall to write on, play video, audio, make presentations, and show live examples of pupil’s work, either through a visualiser, or with the right software through laptops or iPads and tablets. This immediate feedback and peer evaluation of work is now a common part of many outstanding lessons and is an invaluable tool for teachers.

But AV is not limited to the classroom. Many schools put a huge emphasis on school plays and assemblies. To this end, great quality AV equipment can be the difference between a good school performance and an amazing professional-style performance. To have AV Installations installing equipment and showing people that work within schools how to use the kit in a way that makes sense, means schools will have interactive or easily changeable images, with brilliant sound for not just playback music but also microphones, allowing teachers with little or no experience of AV equipment the chance to really enhance the children’s performance. The same can be true of assemblies, taking the experience from chore to wonder and awe.

It is also possible that after-school clubs would benefit from an up-to-date and well maintained AV system. Drama and music clubs are always crying out for good equipment and the experience the children gain from working with professional systems is not only more fun, but could also really inspire pupils to take their passions further into the professional sphere.

As well as giving pupils and staff the opportunity to benefit from excellent in-school AV equipment, many school see buying or hiring AV equipment as an investment. A potential revenue stream for many schools is to hire out spaces within the school at weekends and holidays. To not only offer the school hall but also a fully functioning sound, light and visual display could potential attract more outside companies and more money.

From pedagogical best practice, to potential revenue streams, to the fact that having great AV equipment is just fun, schools should take advantage of the expertise of AV Installations who have been working in the education sector for as long as they can remember. Their friendly, knowledgeable staff can find exactly the right equipment for the school, at an appropriate  budget.

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