AV Equipment for the NHS & Healthcare Sector

AV Equipment for the NHS & Healthcare Sector

AV Installations are London’s most trusted suppliers of AV equipment. With over 30 years of industry experience, we’re fully equipped to supply and install world-class audiovisual equipment that will innovate your business. We have worked with a wide variety of public and private sector clients and are highly experienced at supplying and installing bespoke AV setups to all different businesses.

At AV Installations, we provide AV equipment to all different businesses in the healthcare sector including hospitals, pharmacies and doctors surgeries. Our healthcare AV systems will improve communication and ensure your patients receive the highest quality of care. 

The audiovisual equipment we can provide includes:

  • Audio systems
  • Screens
  • Lighting
  • Microphones
  • Recording equipment
  • Projectors
  • Headsets
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • PA systems

Our healthcare AV systems will improve communication and ensure your patients receive the highest quality of care. We have great contacts with suppliers in the industry which means we can get you the very best prices on the best brands of audio-visual equipment. 

As well as supplying and installing your AV equipment, we will also train you and your team in operating the system. All equipment comes with a 5-year guarantee and our team will be available for maintenance and repairs whenever you need us.

 For more information about our audio visual services, call us today on 01279 445577.

Training and Meeting Rooms

We understand that training and meeting rooms are important to medical teams. We can provide all the equipment you need to create the optimum environment for learning, team management and collaboration. Whether you’re training staff, interviewing new candidates over a video call or sharing expertise with medics across the world, we can create an AV setup that makes communicating with patients and medics in any location quick and easy. This includes screens, interactive whiteboard, cameras, audio systems and microphones for video calls, presentations and group projects. 

Reception Areas

An audiovisual system is also a great way to improve customer experience in the reception area of your medical practice. We can install screens and sound systems in your waiting rooms for displaying the news, weather and making announcements. We can also install interactive screens which can be used by customers to check-in for appointments. To improve communication across the counters in your reception area, we can install speech transfer systems to ensure that the sound carries clearly between both parties on either side of a desk or counter. 


Soundproofing your rooms will help make patients feel more comfortable when visiting your practice and also allows training sessions, interviews and meetings to take place without breaching confidentiality agreements. To help maintain the privacy of staff and patients, our engineers can soundproof any room of your choice including doctor’s offices, surgeries and meeting rooms.

AV Equipment Maintenance

After installing your audio visual system, we also provide ongoing support to our clients to ensure they’re getting the most out of their equipment. Our Comprehensive Maintenance Cover includes bi-annual servicing of your equipment and a 24-hour helpline that will allow you to get in contact with one of our engineers should any issues occur. Our maintenance package is there to ensure that any issues with your equipment are addressed as quickly as possible, to prevent small issues from turning into potentially expensive problems. Alternatively, we also offer one-off health checks for your equipment to clean and test your equipment to identify minor faults.

Contact Us

If you require a bespoke audio visual setup for your medical practice, we can help. Our team of highly-trained engineers can recommend equipment that will help to improve communication, management and operations across your business. If there are audio visual solutions not mentioned here that you require for your business, please get in contact and we will be able to source these for you for a great price.

Our engineers will be very happy to discuss your requirements with you and recommend the best solution for your needs and budget. We can then complete an assessment of your medical practice and get the equipment set up for you. For more information about our audiovisual services, call us today on 01279 445577.

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