AV Maintenance & Servicing

AV Maintenance & Servicing

Searching for reliable audio equipment repair services in and around the London area? Once you’ve invested in your AV system, you need it to work at it’s best. AV systems are often depended on by companies, businesses and workplaces as a management system, for presentations or important meetings with clients. Regular AV maintenance and professional servicing is the perfect way to make sure your AV system never lets you down.

At AV Installations, we offer a range of professional AV services. With over 30 years experience in audio visual supply and maintenance, our expert team is able to offer your business comprehensive, expert and cost-effective audio visual maintenance and servicing support.

Audio Visual Support – Health Check

Prevent embarrassing or inconvenient audio visual failures with a full AV health check. Our professional team of audio visual technicians will clean and test your equipment, and identify any minor faults that can occur if not checked regularly. 

During our One-Off Health Check, one of our AV technicians will make sure your AV equipment fully cleaned and tested and if you then decide to upgrade to our “Comprehensive Maintenance Package” we will refund you the cost of your health check.

Our One-Off Health Check Includes:

  • Cleaning and testing of equipment
  • Identify minor faults
  • Increases reliability of equipment
  • Saves you money long term by identifying problems early

Long Term AV Support

Regular AV maintenance is a great way to ensure that no issues occur with your system without you realising it. 

Regular maintenance can bring a benefit of large savings to your company. By identifying small or minor faults small issues can be prevented from turning into potentially expensive problems resulting in audio or visual equipment failure.

Our Comprehensive Maintenance Cover gives you twice yearly servicing of your equipment and also emergency callout facility which is available within 24 hours from when you notify us of the problem. 

After each service, a full report is issued detailing what Audio Visual equipment was serviced, its condition and recommended actions from that point. In addition to this, you will also benefit from support on any other problems, both over the phone or in person. This covers breakage and replacement and would not incur any emergency call-out charge.

Long Term AV Support Includes:

  • A maintenance package tailored to your needs
  • Audio visual equipment repair
  • Twice yearly equipment servicing
  • Emergency callout service
  • Breakage and replacement cover

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For more information about our AV maintenance and audio equipment repair services, call us today on 01279 445577.

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