Essential Audio Visual Equipment for Every Office

Essential Audio Visual Equipment for Every Office

Good technology is crucial to the operation of most businesses today. The lockdown period has shown us the extent to which we rely on technology for the operation of businesses both when we’re in the office and working from home. 

Whilst meetings between team members, meeting with clients and company-wide updates have all been occurring online for the past few months, it’s important that you’re able to continue these communications when you move back into the office. Now that lockdown is being lifted in the UK and some businesses are returning to the office, now is a great time to reassess your workspace and invest in any essential equipment that you might be missing. 

AV Installations, have put together this helpful guide of the essential audiovisual equipment that no workplace is complete without. Set yourself up for a great start back in the office with the best equipment for meetings, presentations, in-office communications and more.

Benefits of having audiovisual equipment in your workplace:

  • Unites staff and increases interaction 
  • Improves the quality and efficiency of communication
  • Integrates new employees
  • Impresses clients and visitors to the building

Audiovisual equipment for your reception area

Equipment to consider:

  • Intercom system
  • Speech transfer system
  • Screens
  • Video-wall
  • Intercom system (for announcements)
  • Other communal audio (eg. radio)

Intercom system

Intercom systems are essential for both communication and security. In offices especially, intercom systems are often used for access control or to communicate with delivery workers or clients visiting the premises. When it comes to choosing the right intercom system for your business, there are far many options that you might realise including door phones, IP intercom systems, video intercom systems and more.

Speech transfer system

A speech transfer system is a type of equipment that enables clear, two-way communication over a booth or security screen. They are often used on reception desks for speaking to clients or customers. A speech transfer system ensures that you can assist any visitors without delays, even if your reception-area is noisy. In many workplaces, social distancing measures are still being followed and a speech transfer system is a perfect way to ensure that you can still communicate clearly with visitors whilst following guidelines.


Providing entertainment for your guests whilst they wait is a good way to put them at ease and create a welcoming environment. Having a sound system with good speakers in your reception area will enable you to play radio stations, music or company announcements clearly and at a comfortable volume around the room.

Audiovisual equipment for office workstations:

Equipment to consider:

  • Interactive screens (for brainstorming)
  • Communal audio (for announcements)
  • Video-wall

Interactive screens

Interactive screens are brilliant for collaboration and increasing engagement in the office. They come in all shapes and sizes, however, a wall-mounted interactive screen is a great option for offices since they can be used to assist meetings. Having an interactive screen to hand within your workstations can be really useful for quick and informal brainstorming sessions. With an interactive screen, you can visually explore your ideas and develop concepts within a group, without the need for booking a meeting room. 


Video walls can be a useful addition to any communal space in your office for displaying important notices, news or weather updates. As well as keeping the company connected and updated with essential news, it also makes the space look professional and modern. Video-walls can also be used in the workplace for strengthening your brand, by showcasing your logo, company updates and marketing. 

Audiovisual equipment for meeting rooms

Equipment to consider:

  • Projector and screen
  • Interactive screen
  • Speakers
  • SMARTboard
  • Video conferencing equipment

Projector and interactive screen

Having good visuals is crucial in a meeting so that you can illustrate a point and share your ideas with the whole room, keeping everyone engaged. Having a projector and interactive screen to hand during a meeting makes presenting information to the group and conducting brainstorming sessions easy. It also allows you to accommodate for all different learning styles within one audience. 

Video conferencing equipment

More and more companies are offering their staff the option to work from home. Meeting rooms will need to be equipped with the tools to allow teams to communicate with members of staff working from home. Clear audio and visuals will need to key to ensuring that staff members are able to work from home and continue to join and participate in meetings as they usually would in the office. Video conferencing equipment also allows for clients to join the meetings too if this is required. A good video conferencing setup will usually include a screen, speakers and a microphone.

Contact a Professional Audio Visual Supplier

The best way to ensure that your office is properly equipped for the needs of your employees and business is to contact a professional audiovisual supplier. A professional supplier will be able to provide you with bespoke recommendations for your needs and budget as well as recommend the best brands of equipment available to you. 

If you’d like to speak to an audiovisual supplier to discuss the needs of your business, contact AV Installations by tel: 0800 999 5577. 

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