Smart Ways to use AV in Hotels

Smart Ways to use AV in Hotels

AV in Hotels – One way in which hotels can modernise themselves in an immediate, affordable way, is by installing suitable Audio Visual (AV) equipment.

There is little doubt that customer expectations of the service industry have increased considerably over the last few years. Due to the rise of websites allowing members of the public to cast a critical eye over restaurants, places of interest, hotels and so on, it has never been more important for these companies to do everything they can to ensure complete costumer satisfaction, and to ensure they are doing everything possible to keep their business up to date.

Increasingly, hotels are looking for extra revenue streams that have little or no impact on their guests and that may in fact be complementary in terms of the service they can provide. The most obvious example of this is when hotels set up and establish conference rooms. Many businesses are seeking conference space, and hotels are the ideal location. If a conference lasts more than a day then the hotel can provide more than a solution to the challenge of housing a large number of people during the day and night! But all of this is premised on the idea that the hotel has a working, up to date AV system, capable of delivering the needs of its clients in an age of video presentations and sophisticated clientele. Investment in such a system can see a very quick return.

In much the same way as conference organisers are looking for venues with increasingly sophisticated AV equipment, wedding planners also have a very similar set of criteria for their preferred venues. Weddings and hotels have had, for the most part, a very happy relationship for countless years! But as with most sectors, weddings have become increasingly elaborate in terms of the expectations people have, and it is now the job of hotels to match those expectations, and with an excellent AV system installed, perhaps even exceed those expectations.

Depending on the size and location of the hotel, it is also possible that you may wish to show sporting events to a large number of people. Installing an AV system is perfect for this. Again, with major national and international tournaments almost constantly happening across many sports, there are opportunities for those in the service industries to take advantage of this.

A further source of revenue gained through the installation of AV equipment is that of a visual interface allowing local businesses to advertise in a prominent space within the hotel. From taxi companies, to restaurants, to local attractions, the days of countless pamphlets advertising local businesses, taking up a corner of a room and never looking very presentable, are a thing of the past. By using a Smart Board or projector, this same information can be displayed in a manner far more modern, and pleasing to the eye. Moreover, the slick, professional look of such AV equipment may well be the first thing that catches the guests eye, ensuring an excellent first impression. Indeed clever use of AV to promote and support local businesses can not only increase revenue from this sector in terms of room nights but also deliver extra revenue by marketing the service as an advertising platform.

If you’d like to talk about how your hotel could use AV to anhance its customer experience and revnues please do give us a call at AV Installations we operate across London and the home counties.

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