Interactive Screens & Whiteboards

Interactive Screens & Whiteboards

Bring Your Lessons to Life with SMART Technologies

The ultimate presentation tool for teachers and educators, interactive whiteboards and screens allow you to use captivating visuals and sound to capture the imagination of your students and make learning more efficient. The touchscreen and interactive display allows students to physically engage with the content you are trying to teach, making it easier for them to memorise new information and keeping their attention even when covering tougher topics on the syllabus.

Smart technologies are revolutionising schools everywhere and are quickly becoming a staple in every classroom. We supply all types of interactive education technology from interactive whiteboards to interactive touchscreens.

An interactive whiteboard is also great for boardrooms as a flipchart, for brainstorming during meetings or video conferencing. An interactive touchscreen is similar to a large tablet that’s fitted to the wall. It comes with built-in speakers, lighting and software that gives you access to hundreds of apps and teaching resources. 

Interactive Touchscreens

Upgrade your classroom with the latest interactive learning technology; interactive touchscreens are the next generation education tool and the fastest and most effective way of bringing your lessons to life. Through collaborative learning, they provide an amazing education experience that will make teaching more efficient and fun. 

Adaptable to all lessons and styles of teaching, each screen also comes with a built-in technology that allows you to download apps, use teaching programmes and share your lessons online. Content can also be shared with mobile devices, making setting homework and other assignments easy. The software is easy to learn and comes with integrated speakers and lighting so they are very easy to install and set up in your classroom. As well as schools, they’re also a great resource for businesses, in particular can be great for displaying information in meetings, for hosting video meetings or for running in-house processes

If you’d like advice on choosing the best brand and model of interactive touchscreen for your classroom, our AV engineers will be happy to advise you on the best options for your budget. We offer interactive touch screens from the biggest brands including:

  • SMART 
  • Promethean
  • Clevertouch
  • BenQ
  • Hitachi
  • M-Touch
  • Sharp

Browse Our Interactive Whiteboards

Every school and classroom is different, with their own needs and budgets. We supply and install a wide range of interactive whiteboards from all different brands such as Samsung, SMART and Epson. We guarantee we have the smartboard for you. 

Smartboards vary quite a lot in different ways from the projector types, audio, wireless, screen shade, and spotlight. Ranging from £499 up to many £’000s a smart interactive whiteboard with projector, remote control and stylus’ can be found to suit all budgets and teaching requirements.

If you need guidance choosing the right equipment including projection whiteboard and projector for your class, our team are always on hand to offer personal recommendations based on your requirements.

Some of our bestsellers include:

Promethean Boards:

ActivBoard 100

This is Promethean’s entry-level interactive whiteboard and comes with their Personal Edition software and a 1-year guarantee. Available in one size 78″ this interactive whiteboard can only be fixed to a wall. Whilst not being natively wireless upgrade packs are available.

ActivBoard 300 Pro

The 300 Pro is the mid-range board from Promethean, available in three different sizes 78″, 87″ and 95″ this interactive board can be used as a mobile board, installed to an adjustable wall mount or fixed to a flat wall. Supplied with Promethean’s ActivOffice or ActivInspire Professional Addition and a 3-year guarantee, it also enables interactivity from duel users and has built-in speaker systems.

ActivBoard 500 Pro

At the top end of Promethean’s Interactive Whiteboard range is the ActivBoard 500 Pro. Supporting multi-touch gestures and up to four users working collaboratively on the same tasks it unlocks a whole new range of interactive teaching and presenting opportunities.

Smart Boards:

400 Series

This entry-level SMART Board interactive whiteboard system offers a cost-effective interactive whiteboard system. Similar to the Promethean ActivBoard 100 these models come in one size 77″ and depending on the model can include a Short Throw projector.

600 Series

This series offers a much larger range of choices in size with models ranging from 48″ up to 94″. It also offers a more intuitive user experience with one-touch access to critical functions. Available with either Short Throw or Ultra Short Throw projectors there is something for every budget within this range.

800 Series 

The latest update from SMART this system integrates multi-touch gestures and intuitive object awareness that allows the user to switch between writing, moving objects, erasing etc seamlessly without the need to select different functions. Available in two sizes with different projector options and HDMI, this top of the range IWB from SMART can help provide a much deeper interactive learning environment.

Installation & Maintenance

Whether you need a new interactive touchscreen or projector as a replacement for an old one or are looking to equip a whole school with the latest smart technology, we can help. We offer a full installation service where our engineers will evaluate your school and classrooms to measure and fit the smartboards and set up the screen and projector so it’s ready for use. The life of a teacher is very busy, and we’re here to make it slightly easier.

After installation, we offer maintenance services where we can provide regular checkups of your smart technology equipment to ensure everything is running as it should. Routine checkups allow us to prevent minor issues from developing into a more serious and costly fix. Our maintenance service will cover all aspects of your interactive learning technology. This means checking for faults in the system software of your touch screen or performing filter cleans and lamp replacements for your SMART board projector.

We have two maintenance packages available: a one-off health check or a comprehensive maintenance package. Our maintenance service includes testing of the screens and speakers and also filter cleans and lamp replacements for your projector.

Contact Us

We have experience fitting whiteboards into primary schools and other public sector education centres. To enquire about our interactive whiteboards or any of our audiovisual services, call us on 01279 445577 to discuss your requirements today.


  1. How much does an interactive whiteboard cost?

Interactive whiteboards vary in price from £900 at the lower end to £4,300 for higher budget systems. A full interactive whiteboard setup including a screen, projector and control system will usually cost around £2,500.

  1. What can you do with an interactive whiteboard?

Interactive whiteboards allow you to display classroom content on a digital board, which teachers and students can then interact with using a pen tool or their finger. They can be used by teachers to accommodate different learning styles, to get students engaged with new material and practise what they have learned through educational games.

  1. What is the difference between interactive whiteboard and Smartboard?

An interactive whiteboard is a digital screen that interacts with a computer. The projector detects movement and displays the information on the screen. This allows you to draw on the screen using a pen tool and the writing will be saved. A Smartboard is often an individual appliance that doesn’t require a projector to display information. A Smartboard will often have the capability for two people to interact with the screen at one time, so is a good tool for collaborative work. 

  1. What is an interactive whiteboard in a classroom?

An interactive whiteboard is a tool used for interactive learning in classrooms. It allows teachers and students to interact directly with the screen using a pen tool or their finger. The setup includes a digital screen, projector and computer.

  1. Do all interactive whiteboards need a projector?

Depending on the type of interactive whiteboard you buy, you may not need to use a projector. Some classrooms use interactive touchscreens that have integrated speakers and lighting. Some popular brands of interactive touchscreens include SMART, Promethean and Clevertouch. 

  1. Can you use a Smartboard as a whiteboard?

Yes, you can use your Smartboard as an alternative to a whiteboard in a classroom. To write on an image or application, simply pick up your pen tool from the tray and start to write. The projector will detect the motion and display your writing on the screen.

  1. How can interactive whiteboards be used in the classroom?

Interactive whiteboards can be used in a classroom to display images and information. Teachers and students can directly interact with the content by writing on the board and interacting with the touchscreen. An interactive whiteboard is a great tool for getting students engaged with course content whether that’s through collaboration or interactive, educational games.

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