Induction Loops

Induction Loops

Listening Technology for Businesses & Public Buildings

Not only is having proper listening technology for hearing aid users a legal requirement in businesses and public buildings but it also keeps every one of your clients and colleagues connected. For this reason, high-quality hearing loop systems are essential in every business and workplace. That’s where we can help. 

At AV Installations, we do more than just supply listening equipment. We complete a full evaluation of your business or property to provide you with the listening technology best suited to your building and the needs of your employees. 

We have 20 years of experience in providing hearing loops and loop installation services to businesses across London. If you’re looking for a professional induction loop installer, who will work to understand and meet the needs of your business, we can help. 

Why Choose AV Installations?

As well as supplying induction loops, we also provide a full maintenance and installation services to ensure your equipment is 100% up to scratch. Just some of the benefits of our service include:

  • High-quality AFILs
  • Regular equipment maintenance
  • 5-year guarantee on all listening technology
  • Unchallenged expertise and years of experience in the industry
  • Regular communication from account managers
  • Full installation and maintenance services

What is an Induction Loop?

An induction loop amplifier is a special sound system used for people who need hearing aids. It transfers a sound source directly to the hearing aid without any background noise. 

A sound source is captured through a microphone and the audio signal is connected to an audio induction loop driver. The driver generates a current which delivers the signal to a hearing loop. This loop cable is a wire usually made from copper tape or wire and is placed around the perimeter of the room where you want to pick up sound. The wire produces a magnetic field to send a signal to the telecoil in the hearing aid. 

When a hearing aid is switched into the ‘T’ position, the microphone is disconnected so the wearer only hears what is fed into the induction loop system, without the background noise.

Analogue and Digital Induction Loops

Hearing loops are a necessity for business, but many have either insufficient or outdated induction loops that aren’t up to the task. At AV Installations, we are able to supply a range of both analogue and digital induction loops depending on your needs and budget. There are a few different types of hearing loops that work best when used for different applications. These include:

  • Portable induction loops – for reception desks and small meeting rooms
  • Fixed counter loops – suitable for main service points 
  • Auditorium hearing loops – able to cover larger areas up to 1502m2

Some induction loops are operated via a remote control which allows you to manually control the volume, tone and power. Alternatively, digital induction loops are able to adjust volume and noise cancellation of their own accord. 

It’s essential that you ensure your business is equipped with the right kind of induction loops with the right field strength so you can provide the best sound quality to the wearer. After an evaluation or your business or property, our team of sound engineers can suggest which type of hearing loop will work best for your business.

We only supply high-quality audio induction loops that deliver crystal clear sound and are comfortable for easy to use for the wearer. All our loop amplifiers are backed by a 5-year guarantee to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your new audio system.

Installation and Maintenance

To ensure you get the very best results from your hearing loop system, we provide a full, professional installation service for your new equipment.

Our engineers can create a bespoke setup for your premises to ensure you receive the best signal through your hearing loop. To make life easier for you and your team, our engineers will create a system that is comprehensive and easy to use, and we’ll also provide full training so you can operate the system with ease. 

After installation, we also provide routine maintenance to ensure your system continues to work at its best. Regular maintenance ensures customers won’t be disappointed by faulty equipment, and that you remain fully compliant with British Standards of employee equality.

The Disability Discrimination Act

It’s crucial that all businesses in the United Kingdom comply with the equality act and provide proper listening technology for deaf people and anyone with hearing loss. It’s the responsibility of every business and employer to ensure that staff and visitors with a hearing impairment who require assistive listening are catered for. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and the Equality Act 2010 protects anyone with a hearing aid and demands that businesses and employers remove any barriers to anyone hard of hearing. 

It’s essential that your business complies with the requirements of these acts, which is where we can help. At AV Installation, we will provide a thorough assessment of your business and ensure it is fully equipped for staff and guests alike.

The law applies to all goods, facilities and service providers including (but not limited to):

  • Hospitals
  • Post offices
  • Restaurants, pubs and hotels
  • Bus stations, train stations and airports
  • Places of worship
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Supermarkets and shopping centres
  • Courts and tribunals
  • Emergency services
  • Leisure centres
  • Football stadiums

It also applies to employers, who must not discriminate against employees.

How This Affects Your Business

The DDA requires you to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that you do not unlawfully discriminate against disabled people. Reasonable adjustments include the provision of auxiliary aids, such as induction loop systems, to enable a hearing-impaired person to access goods, facilities or services where it is impossible or unreasonably difficult for them to do so.

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At AV Installations, we are committed to delivering high-quality sound and visuals to everyone, including those who are hard of hearing. Hearing loops will bring down barriers in your company, ensuring that your brand message is heard loud and clear by everyone. Find the audio frequency induction loop systems perfect for your business with our help. For more information about our hearing loops, installation services or any code of practice that might affect your business, call AV Installations today on 01279 445577 and we’ll be happy to help.

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