PA Systems

PA Systems

Communicate Clearly with High-Quality PA Equipment

PA systems are essential for communicating with a large crowd whether that’s at a concert, in a public building or on public transport. A high-quality PA system will allow you to project sound to everyone in the vicinity, and deliver important messages, project music and much more. 

PA systems are also used for music concerts, karaoke and DJ equipment. At a music venue, providing good quality live sound is essential; make sure you put on an event people won’t forget, with a premium quality PA system. 

AV Installations have over 30 years of experience in recommending the PA systems most suitable for your requirements and installing them to the highest standards. We can source a range of PA equipment both for purchase and hire with professional installation included.


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Get in touch with us on: 0800 999 5577 to find out how we can help. One of our experts will get back with you shortly with our bespoke recommendation.


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We have a range of PA systems available for both hire and purchase, each one suitable for a different purpose depending on audience size, the venue and price range. There are many types of PA systems available to you that can be hooked up to media players, preamps, turntables, audio interface XLR connectors and more.

Our team will be happy to advise you on the PA equipment most suited to your needs. Some of the PA systems you might be considering include:

Portable PA Systems

A portable PA system is an all in one, wireless system usually ranging from 20 to 300 watts and sometimes available with built-in tuners  They are simple to use with rechargeable batteries, great for anyone who needs a PA system whilst on the move. 

Outdoor PA Systems

These PA sound systems have a powerful PA speaker, loudspeaker and power amplifier to deliver crystal clear sound across large spaces. Perfect for live music at outdoor venues to carry the sound of instruments including electric guitars and drum kits.

DJ PA Systems

DJ PA sound systems hook up to DJ mixers and turntables to carry your music throughout any nightclub or venue and are available with different size speakers and speaker stands.

Active PA Speaker

An active speaker has a built-in amplifier and only requires a power source to operate. Some active speakers also come with digital mixers built in too.

Column PA System

Using line array technology, these convenient and portable speaker systems produce a great, focused sound. Great for musicians and travelling entertainers and available from a range of brands.

Complete PA Systems

A complete PA system package that comes with all the equipment you need for one specific purpose. 

Get PA Equipment from Premium Brands

What makes AV Installations special, is that every recommendation we make is bespoke. Because we are not tied to a specific manufacturer which means we can make an objective suggestion suitable for your budget.

To ensure we cater to every customer’s needs we are in contact with a range of top brands. Just some of the PA system brands we supply include:

  • Yamaha
  • Bose
  • Wharfedale
  • Fender
  • JBL
  • Stagg
  • Mackie
  • Subwoofer
  • Alto
  • LD Systems
  • Alesis
  • Behringer 
  • Electro-Voice
  • HK Audio
  • QSC
  • QTX
  • DB Technologies
  • Shure
  • RCF

PA System Installation & Maintenance

PA Installation

As well as supplying your complete PA system, our PA package also includes professional installation of the equipment, great for those putting on an event in an unfamiliar venue. After performing a full assessment of the building or venue, our sound engineers will create a clean and neat PA set up to ensure that the sound travels effectively throughout the space. We will also provide yourself and your team with full training in operating the equipment, to ensure you can get the most out of your PA system. 

PA Equipment Maintenance

Whether you need your PA system for hosting live music or making public announcements, equipment failures are not an option. Regular equipment maintenance allows you to identify and fix issues before they can develop into a more complicated and costly problem. 

At AV Installations, we currently offer two maintenance packages: the AV health check and a comprehensive maintenance package. In our one-off health check, we’ll identify any faults with your equipment and quickly deal with them before they can develop into a more complicated and costly problem. The comprehensive maintenance package is a long term maintenance solution that includes a twice-yearly equipment servicing and an emergency call-out service.

Get More Information

Our friendly and knowledgable team are always available to answer any questions and provide advice on different AV and PA equipment. For more information about our PA systems and maintenance packages, get in contact with us at on: 01279 445577.


  1. What do you need in a PA system?

A PA system is made up of microphones, mixers, amplifiers and loudspeakers. There are many different applications for a PA system, and they are used everywhere including clubs, leisure centres, arenas and airports. This means the setup can range from a small DJ setup with turntables with a microphone to a PA system designed to amplify sound across a whole stadium.

  1. How does a PA system work?

A PA system is an electronic system made up of microphones, mixers, amplifiers, loudspeakers and other related equipment. PA systems are used to amplify the volume of a human voice, musical instrument, or other acoustic sound source so that it can reach everyone in the vicinity of the area or building. It’s often used in clubs, leisure centres, arenas and airports to deliver important messages, project music and more.

  1. How powerful PA system do I need?

When designing a PA system for indoor functions, you should gauge for 6-8 watts per person with subwoofers for extra bass if needed. The accurate number of watts you will need depends both on the size of the venue and the number of people in the space. A medium sized venture with a capacity of 250-500 people will usually need around 2,000 watts however, might require far more than this depending on these variables. An audio visual engineer will be able to assess the venue and provide a system designed for your needs.

  1. Which PA system is best?

QSC, Bose, JBL, Yamaha, and Roland are all reliable audio brands of PA systems. The type of PA system you choose will depend on your requirements and the specifications of your project. For smaller events only requiring 20-300 watts, portable PA systems are an affordable option. Alternatively, you could look at active PA speakers or column PA systems. 

  1. What is a PA system?

A PA system allows you to project sound to everyone in the vicinity. Often, they are used to deliver important messages or project music at stadiums, music concerts, karaoke venus, public buildings and DJ sets. 

  1. Do I need 2 PA speakers?

Whether you need 2 PA speakers depends on the intended use for the PA system. For outdoor venues and live performances, it is recommended that you have two speakers in your setup to ensure that you have enough watts to cover the entire area. For the majority of small or medium sized indoor venues, one speaker should be just fine.

  1. How much is a good PA system?

The estimated cost of a good PA system equipment can range from around £1,000 – £3,500 depending on the quality and project specifications. This doesn’t include the charges for installation and setup by an AV professional as well as maintenance and repairs.

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